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  1. He also said Torre's unyielding support helped him relax.
  2. Its timing was clearly meant to make Carter look naove and to bolster the president's unyielding support for the embargo.
  3. Some literary critics have argued that Milton encoded many references to his unyielding support for the " Good Old Cause ".
  4. In dozens of interviews, delegates expressed unyielding support for Clinton, even though they offer a wide range of visions for his second term.
  5. But the unyielding support of most Europeans for Kerry likely wouldn't have wavered no matter what Kerry had said or done at the convention.
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  7. His unyielding support of Israel made him popular with New York's Jewish population and his televised statements at the United Nations elevated Moynihan to near-celebrity status.
  8. Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski offered Americans unyielding support, promising that the people of this troubled Balkan country stand " shoulder to shoulder " with the United States.
  9. The state's death penalty was revived with the execution of John Spenkelink in 1979 . Graham would carry his unyielding support of capital punishment to the Senate.
  10. The Republicans'unyielding support of developers was denounced here Sunday by a small band of GOP environmentalists who said they have been cut out by the party that once pioneered protection of the nation's natural heritage.
  11. Though in the opposition, his party backs Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has offered unyielding support for U . S . President George W . Bush's hard-line stand on forcing Iraq to give up banned weapons programs.
  12. Balmer was referring to the public policy dimensions that premillennial beliefs can entail, like unyielding support for Israel, out of the belief that the Jewish state's restoration is a divine sign of the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.
  13. Despite predictions that the economy could trump worries about the war in commanding public attention, it could be that Americans are so unnerved about their own safety that they will continue to offer the president unyielding support.
  14. So, rather than spar over issues, the Democratic primary battle has centered on who has what it takes to unseat the outspoken Republican incumbent, known for his criticism of President Clinton and his unyielding support of the gun lobby.
  15. The Sublime Porte ( Ottoman imperial government ) commended al-Jazzar's victory in a letter filled with rhapsodic praise and a promise to him of the empire's unyielding support to " clean the land of the filth of their existence ", in reference to the Shia clans.
  16. Perhaps more striking than Chirac's disdain for the Bush administration ( he referred in the newspaper interview to the secretary of defense, Donald H . Rumsfeld, as " that nice guy, I've forgotten his name, who talked about Old Europe " ) was his dismissal of Blair's unyielding support for Bush.

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