unnecessary surgery in a sentence

"unnecessary surgery" meaning  "unnecessary surgery" in Chinese  
  1. His current insurer sees the operations as unnecessary surgery.
  2. Regulators there were seeking information about possible unnecessary surgeries by two heart doctors.
  3. Boy's life ruined by unnecessary surgery says writ
  4. Other outraged users compared the scan to unnecessary surgery.
  5. Nevertheless, experts say, the use of MRI scans often leads to unnecessary surgery.
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  7. The investigation was prompted by two patients'complaints that he had recommended unnecessary surgery.
  8. The typical degenerative changes seen on most images may lead to unnecessary surgery or false diagnosis.
  9. Although the CT technique picked up many nodules that were not cancerous, nobody underwent unnecessary surgery.
  10. It misleads you often enough that you perform unnecessary surgery, and the results are not very good.
  11. And a false-positive reading could lead a patient to unnecessary surgery and removal of the ovaries.
  12. And then in the most recent volume, they find themselves prepared for unnecessary surgery in the hospital.
  13. The Brown-led investigation found Boggs performed medically unnecessary surgery on horses to enhance their visual appeal.
  14. The World Health Organization describes any medically unnecessary surgery to the vaginal tissue and organs as Female genital mutilation.
  15. Mammograms also may lead to more false alarms in younger women and thus to costly, painful and unnecessary surgery.
  16. Then came pressures from consumer groups, insurers and government agencies to curb unnecessary surgery and the risks it entailed.
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