unnecessary sacrifices in a sentence

"unnecessary sacrifices" in Chinese  
  1. The use of explosives in that role resulted in entirely unnecessary sacrifices of the members of these units.
  2. Because the Headquarters decided to avoid unnecessary sacrifices and losses, the division was ordered to surrender and was then disbanded.
  3. When Roberts became ill, he appointed Lieutenant-General Bloody Sunday' an unnecessary sacrifice of hundreds of lives on the British side.
  4. "We wanted to create a place for tourists to spend a week without worrying about survival or unnecessary sacrifices, " he says.
  5. Alexander R . Sussman, a partner in Fried, Frank, Harris, Schriver & amp; Jacobson, who represented four bondholders who sued to block the exchange, said in court that his clients feared the company had inside information that its finances were better than they appeared and was trying to " stampede bondholders " into making unnecessary sacrifices.
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