unnecessary procedures in a sentence

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  1. Early on, plans were aggressive in trying to reduce unnecessary procedures.
  2. Experts say more informative imaging could dramatically reduce the number of unnecessary procedures.
  3. This would eliminate a lot of unnecessary procedures.
  4. She said some of Moon's staff members believed he scheduled many unnecessary procedures.
  5. We have to be a bit cautious and not put women through an unnecessary procedure.
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  7. An IPA controls costs by monitoring its physicians'practices and denying requests for unnecessary procedures.
  8. He said he was not aware of any other unnecessary procedures being practiced on patients undergoing resuscitation.
  9. It seems to me like a completely unnecessary procedure for a problem that will eventually go away in time.
  10. Federal authorities think two Redding doctors performed numerous unnecessary procedures, including artery bypass surgery and heart valve replacement surgery.
  11. Federal authorities are investigating Southern California outpatient surgery centers that allegedly overbilled insurers hundreds of millions of dollars for unnecessary procedures.
  12. Many claims were rejected, but unnecessary procedures have placed some patients at risk for payments of $ 1, 000.
  13. Relman said the health-care system also wastes money because of duplication of services, unnecessary procedures and excessive administrative costs.
  14. The goal is to help doctors avoid performing unnecessary procedures to prolong life because they are not aware of patients'wishes.
  15. "' Trade facilitation "'involves the simplification of trade procedures ( or the elimination of unnecessary procedures ).
  16. A judge ruled Wednesday that two California doctors who are under federal investigation for possibly performing unnecessary procedures can continue practicing for now.
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