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  1. When I'd suggest hysterectomy, the patient would say, " I don't want an unnecessary operation ."
  2. According to some physicians, however, lack of knowledge is not the only reason unnecessary operations still are being performed.
  3. Usually harmless and easily treated, plagiocephaly has led at worst to needless tests, unnecessary operations and big expenses, specialists say.
  4. Medical errors include unnecessary operations, incorrect drug prescriptions, and, in extreme cases, surgery performed on the wrong parts of patients.
  5. But instead of using the headband, some doctors are performing unnecessary operations on babies like Katie, with potentially disastrous consequences, doctors say.
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  7. In 1889, a well-known gynecological surgeon named Mary Dixon Jones was tried for manslaughter resulting from what prosecutors said were botched and unnecessary operations.
  8. Among the measures will be a new, outside auditor to conduct random checks of Redding's cardiology program and agreeing not to perform unnecessary operations.
  9. His colleague Hufty added, " The many false-positive results produced by total body CT scans can lead to tremendous anxiety and unnecessary operations and testing ."
  10. Putzke argues " that medically unnecessary operations should be delayed until a patient is capable of deciding whether to have a part of his genitals cut off ".
  11. Early screening meant that many children were having unnecessary operations for tumors that would never have harmed them, while those whose lives were at risk were not helped.
  12. The suit asserts that doctors, acting under customs officers'" direction, control and / or supervision, " removed seven of the balloons in an unnecessary operation that grievously harmed him.
  13. Although several new techniques have been developed for diagnosing appendicitis, the number of unnecessary operations has not decreased, a new study in The Journal of the American Medical Association says.
  14. In October 2010 he was sentenced to fifteen and a half years in prison for performing unnecessary operations on patients in order to claim payment for them from the Italian state.
  15. Deadlock took it upon himself to perform an unnecessary operation on Joe, to give him a much more Khaotic outlook on life  and unlock his repressed desires for more exotic crossdressing.
  16. In 1992, the same year he finished his residency in ophthalmology, Kawesch purchased the eye surgery practice in San Jose from a doctor who ran into licensing problems over allegations of performing unnecessary operations.
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