unnecessary medical treatment in a sentence

  1. The claims ranged from non-existent auto damage to unnecessary medical treatment and equipment, according to investigators.
  2. Some doctors fear that the inappropriate use of the test may lead to unnecessary medical treatments and a lot of anxiety for many women.
  3. Their " Good Stewardship " campaign on eliminating the top 5 unnecessary medical treatments led to an articles in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
  4. Insurance companies have complained that the state law that established the $ 2, 000 threshold fosters fraud by encouraging accident victims to seek unnecessary medical treatment for minor injuries.
  5. One of Tenet's predecessor companies, National Medical Enterprises, in 1994 settled a federal investigation of kickbacks, bribes, unnecessary medical treatments and false billings at psychiatric hospitals in 30 states.
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  7. This resulted in h / er participating, by invitation, at the IOC's 2010 meeting of experts in Lausanne, Switzerland, where s / he lobbied that intersex female athletes be allowed to compete as is, without having to undergo unnecessary medical treatments, and that the use of the pathologizing term " disorders of sex development " / DSD to describe these athletes be discontinued.

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