unnaturally in a sentence

"unnaturally" meaning  "unnaturally" in Chinese  
  1. Krank is aging unnaturally because he's unable to dream.
  2. Another thought the appearance was " unnaturally shiny ."
  3. This makes the cosmic microwave background radiation look unnaturally even temperatured.
  4. Lawrence recovers unnaturally quickly, and develops heightened vitality and senses.
  5. Why not do the same for unnaturally burdened immigration centers?
  6. It's difficult to find unnaturally in a sentence.
  7. Under-eat or exercise obsessively to maintain an unnaturally low weight.
  8. Two : Move all of the above unnaturally over and over again.
  9. Not unnaturally, no one took it particularly seriously _ at first.
  10. Then for happiness, health and unnaturally large body parts.
  11. "The rate of defaults now are at an unnaturally low level.
  12. The manager's goals and rewards are unnaturally abstract and uncertain.
  13. Hair in anime is often unnaturally lively and colorful or uniquely styled.
  14. The soldiers noted that the first night in Berlin was unnaturally quiet.
  15. Black mages can concentrate order into matter, making it unnaturally strong.
  16. Their noses are unnaturally triangular and their chins have a smooth curve.
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