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  1. The alloys are typically machined in the unmagnetized state.
  2. The rotor is a simple toothed disc of magnetic, but unmagnetized, iron.
  3. The resistivity and current path can be calculated with relative ease in an unmagnetized plasma.
  4. In 1992, Hughes Research Laboratory conducted a research project to study electromagnetic wave propagation in unmagnetized plasma.
  5. In an unmagnetized plasma, an electromagnetic electron wave is simply a light wave modified by the plasma.
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  7. Only one unmagnetized tape set is known to exist and still provide a partially accurate representation of Birotron sounds.
  8. The user can specify the dynamics of the particles as fully relativistic, non-relativistic, unmagnetized, or other.
  9. In an unmagnetized plasma, the current-collecting area is usually taken to be the exposed surface area of the electrode.
  10. The simplest extension of the unmagnetized case is simply to use the projected area rather than the surface area of the electrode.
  11. Physical evidence exists suggesting that there may be no Birotron left at all with a complete, fully working, unmagnetized tape set.
  12. Thus, a piece of iron in its lowest energy state ( " unmagnetized " ) generally has little or no net magnetic field.
  13. It is argued that the region of unmagnetized space leads to electron scattering, this leads to a monoenergetic distribution with a cold electron tail.
  14. As mentioned before, it might be necessary to increase the radius by about the thermal ion Larmor radius, but not above the effective area for the unmagnetized case.
  15. In the presence of a moderately strong magnetic field, unmagnetized magnets of this series will try to align their orientation axis to the magnetic field, thus becoming slightly magnetized.
  16. The simplest example is a plasma localized in an unmagnetized vacuum . ( See Inertial confinement fusion . ) Both electrons and ions will stream outward with their respective thermal velocity.
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