unless in a sentence

  1. Unless the statistics lie, the job picture keeps on improving.
  2. Unless, of course, somebody else takes over the lead.
  3. The bogyman can't get us unless we let him.
  4. Things got better ( unless you were for the Italians ).
  5. And maybe I will, unless I get shot or something.
  6. It's difficult to find unless in a sentence.
  7. Mackovic said, " unless somebody gets hot ."
  8. A . Not unless your father has a very large estate.
  9. You may laugh at that, unless you know Pear Blossom.
  10. Neither requirement can be enforced unless Congress grants exemptions from Erisa.
  11. Unless he closes out his lease, the blasting cannot start.
  12. Unless you have an identical twin, your blueprint is unique.
  13. Unless current trends are reversed, things will grow much worse.
  14. Not unless there are more surprises waiting in the second half.
  15. It did not mean participating in anything unless Stamford chose to.
  16. Unless something had changed, we would be out of business.
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