unless it be that in a sentence

  1. For man's character has been moulded by his every-day work, and the material resources which he thereby procures, more than by any other influence unless it be that of his religious ideals; and the two great forming agencies of the world's history have been the religious and the economic.
  2. Brodeur had the arduous task of whipping his department into shape after a report by the Royal Commission on the Civil Service stated that its administration was characterized by " constant blundering and confusion ", " with no visible sign of an intelligence purpose unless it be that of spending as much money as possible ".
  3. It is not an awareness tied to a specific political ideology, and there is nothing specifically European about it, unless it be that so many American critics have expounded the thesis that " true art is above politics, " which is to say _ although they won't say it that way _ that it is committed to the status quo.
  4. It's difficult to find unless it be that in a sentence.

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