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  1. University officials need to set policy and guidelines on alcohol abuse.
  2. She is a hands-on administrator, university trustees say.
  3. Marino was a graduate of the Fordham University School of Law.
  4. Yet he has proved extremely circumspect even when discussing university issues.
  5. He received his medical degree from the University of Southern California.
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  7. He set up a model for cooperative industry-university research.
  8. Most of the networks are operated by universities or private businesses.
  9. Halbert grew up in Baltimore and graduated from Johns Hopkins University.
  10. He joined the firm in 1932 after graduating from Princeton University.
  11. It will be flown to Northern Arizona University to be reassembled.
  12. There were the fans, hecklers representing the University of Texas.
  13. The university doesn't track students who get jobs elsewhere.
  14. Education : BA, history, University of Pennsylvania; 1979.
  15. Jay Berwanger, halfback, University of Chicago, in 1935.
  16. Foster named her favorite bars while a student at Yale University.
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