university railway station in a sentence

  1. "' Macquarie University railway station "'is located on the T1 Northern services.
  2. The hospital is located in near Macquarie University railway station and is also within the University's Research Park.
  3. is a university railway station on the East Japan Railway Company's Yokohama Line located in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
  4. Macquarie University is served by the Macquarie University railway station, which opened in 2009 . Macquarie is the only university in Australia with a railway station on campus.
  5. Macquarie Park railway station, Macquarie University railway station and North Ryde railway station are underground stations on the Epping to Chatswood rail line of the Sydney Trains network.
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  7. "' University railway station "'is a railway station serving the University of Birmingham, Birmingham Women's Hospital, and the Birmingham New Street.
  8. Situated to the north of the campus, the playing fields are used by the university as well as a number of elite sporting teams such as Sydney FC and the Macquarie University railway station
  9. There are virtually no remains of the station, the only one being a bricked up entrance on the Somerset Road bridge over the present Cross-City Line, between the University railway station and Five Ways railway station.
  10. The "'Tel Aviv Convention Center "'( ), commonly known as " Ganey Hataarukha ", is located on Rokach Boulevard in northern Tel Aviv, Israel, adjacent to the Tel Aviv University Railway Station.
  11. As part of the same reorganization it was decided that Inter-City trains would, in most cases, skip the station in order to reduce travel time between the two large metropolises of Haifa and Tel Aviv . The same rule was applied on all intermediate stations between Tel Aviv University Railway Station and Binyamina Railway Station, except for some late-night and early morning trains.

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