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  1. With the help of a former Washington University electrical engineering professor, Hunter began developing a new design.
  2. "' Nirmal Bose "'( died November 23, 2009 ) was a professor in the Pennsylvania State University Electrical Engineering Department, from 1986 until his death.
  3. In 2003, Mitra was elected to the National Academy of Engineering for his " contributions to the modeling, analysis and design of communication networks . " He retired from Bell Labs in 2013 and joined the Columbia University Electrical Engineering department.
  4. After Episode 105, three additional visiting intern / representatives were added as recurring cast, Christian Burgos ( Mexico ), ( video producer ), previously on Episode 68 and newer interns, Ogi Hitoshi ( Japan ), ( Keio University graduate, animation company emoticon designer ), and Wang Xinlin ( China ), ( Dalian Jiaotong University electrical engineering graduate, Seoul National University mechanical engineering doctoral student ).
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