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  1. "It's the price of fame, " said Pepperdine University communications Professor Larry Bumgardner.
  2. Tobe Berkovitz, a Boston University communications professor and expert on political debates, said both
  3. "This is not exhibit A, " said Tobe Berkovitz, a Boston University communications professor.
  4. Boston University communications professor Tobe Berkovitz had a different take.
  5. After Conover left, Cruzado downgraded the position, retitling it Executive Director of University Communications.
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  7. The network got hijacked, " said Jan Gleason, Emory's assistant vice president of university communications.
  8. And, says Southern Methodist University communications Professor Rita Whillock, don't discount that as a strategy.
  9. ""'The FresnoState Magazine " "'is published twice per year from the Office of University Communications.
  10. Thomas Calcagni was hired in March 2011 as the new Executive Director of University Communications.
  11. "It is 24-7, all-coverage, all-punditry, all the time, " said a Boston University communications professor, Tobe Berkovitz.
  12. Fordham University communications professor Everette Dennis was equally struck by the media's front-and-center role in the grieving process.
  13. "It's similar to riding a rollercoaster, " said Glenn Sparks, a Purdue University communications professor who studies emotional reactions.
  14. One video was produced with the assistance of the Tennessee State University communications department but was never commercially released.
  15. Boston University communications professor Tobe Berkovitz called Thursday's event " the Hindenburg of television interviews, a giant flaming, crashing mess.
  16. Boston University communication professor Tobe Berkovitz noted that it made little sense for a beer company to encourage underage drinking.
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