universities tests act in a sentence

  1. Within weeks, Universities Tests Act of 1871; Hartog's testimony before the Lords helped secure its passage.
  2. It was officially secularised by the Oxford University Act 1854 and the Universities Tests Act 1871, when it was opened to students and lecturers of all religious faiths or none.
  3. New statutes in 1865 removed religious tests from all qualifications except licences and degrees in theology, although membership of Convocation remained closed to non-Anglicans until after the University Tests Act of 1871.
  4. The "'Universities Tests Act 1871 "'in the United Kingdom abolished the communion " Tests " and allowed Roman Catholics, non-conformists and non-Christians to take up fellowships at the Universities of Durham.
  5. The remaining tests were ( except in theology ) removed by the University Tests Act 1871, allowing non-Anglicans to become full members of the University ( membership of Convocation at Oxford and Durham or the Senate at Cambridge ) and to hold teaching positions.
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  7. In the midst of other labours, Jowett had been quietly exerting his influence so as to conciliate all shades of liberal opinion, and bring them to bear upon the abolition of the theological test, which was still required for the University Tests Act of 1871, directly after he had made as Master, Balliol College " a sort of heaven on earth " in 1870.

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