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  1. The tests measure resistance to electrical impulses in units called milliohms.
  2. The Indian government responded by ordering army units into the state.
  3. You see all these guys still in their units swaggering around.
  4. The Teledyne units employ a total of 1, 200 workers.
  5. The money stays wit the bargaining unit where they are represented.
  6. It's difficult to find unit in a sentence.
  7. But Williams is confident his unit can get the job done.
  8. Instead, they have smaller Eltron units at individual nursing stations.
  9. Bankers Standard, the Cigna unit, no longer insures horses.
  10. The authority operates 712 units of subsidized housing at three locations.
  11. He was president of the international unit from 1957 to 1960.
  12. Units that are already in position are too close for comfort,
  13. Expect to pay around $ 15 a unit for the study.
  14. Correcting that tendency will make this unit better, he said.
  15. Gebard's stand is a typical two-piece unit.
  16. The unit has made one arrest so far, officials said.
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