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  1. *According to MOS : NUM, units of measurement should be spelled out.
  2. Units of measurement on a basic line gauge usually include inches, points.
  3. He was also responsible for setting the standards for units of measurement.
  4. This was the first unit of measurement designated into law by Congress.
  5. The most common unit of measurement of mutual information is the bit.
  6. It's difficult to find unit of measurement in a sentence.
  7. However the stacked cubic metre is now the preferred unit of measurement.
  8. This can be seen by the necessity to use units of measurements.
  9. I cannot see how a transformation can change the units of measurement.
  10. The unit of measurement called reports typically state atmospheric pressure in hectopascals.
  11. Typically, all splice directions measurements use fid-length as the unit of measurement.
  12. Different units of measurement were used in Nuremberg and England; the pennies.
  13. Its main units of measurement is the DNA Fragmentation Index ( DFI ).
  14. One of the best articles about units of measurement we have.
  15. It turns out we have our own list : Chinese units of measurement.
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