unione corse in a sentence

  1. Like the Mafia, the Unione Corse is also split into separate crime families.
  2. Auguste Joseph Ricord was another boss that became part of the Unione Corse in the 1960s-70s.
  3. He plays a French police magistrate who tries to dismantle the French Connection and bring down the Unione Corse.
  4. Typical of the Unione Corse's secrecy would be the case of a man known only as Antoine Rinieri.
  5. In this new IDW continuity, Tomax and Xamot are revealed to be French and originally part of the Unione Corse.
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  7. The most famous aspect of the Unione Corse's involvement in the heroin trade was what became known as " the French Connection ".
  8. After Paul Carbone's death, the Gu閞ini clan was the ruling dynasty of the Unione Corse and had systematically organized the smuggling of opium from Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries.
  9. "' Marcel Francisci "'( 1920  16 January 1982 ) was an alleged member of the Unione Corse Francisci served in the SAC ), a Gaullist militia.
  10. At first the Mafia's operation was one of many individual operations connected or affiliated to the French-Corsican Mob or Unione Corse's famous " French Connection " heroin distribution ring.
  11. The main drug imported by Luciano's network at the time was heroin and the main sources were French underworld " Clans " that made up the core of the Unione Corse Syndicate, or French Mob.
  12. The symbol of the Unione Corse is the same as the symbol for Corsica generally : the Maure, or Moor's Head, a depiction of a black human head with a rag tied around the forehead, on a white field.
  13. In the Swiss Alps, Bond and his lover Contessa Teresa " Tracy " di Vicenzo, daughter of Italian Unione Corse boss Marc-Ange Draco, escape via skis from the soldiers of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, a terrorist mastermind residing in his mountaintop lair, Piz Gloria.

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