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  1. Margiotta said, referring to his home district in Uniondale.
  2. Another was sold in Nassau County, at MS Stationery in Uniondale.
  3. The defendants were arraigned Tuesday afternoon at the federal courthouse in Uniondale.
  4. Mar 10 Steve Zouski, Uniondale, New York KO 3
  5. Jun 15 Joe Frazier, Uniondale, New York KO 5
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  7. He was interred in Uniondale Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  8. She started and finished her school years in the Uniondale Secondary School.
  9. LIPA Chairman Richard Kessel said at the agency's meeting in Uniondale.
  10. They played at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York from 2006.
  11. The competition was held in early February 1986 in Uniondale, New York.
  12. Officials said he actually lives in nearby Uniondale.
  13. How thrilled is he to return to Uniondale?
  14. Elizabeth Barsky, Uniondale, N . Y.
  15. The additions of Parrish, Kvasha, and Hamrlik bring solid NHLers to Uniondale.
  16. The river was also used as water power for some small mills at Uniondale.
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