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  1. But these changes do not affect baseball's underlying economics.
  2. But the underlying economics that drives their revisionist analysis is straightforward.
  3. Those are the underlying questions implicit in the tax cut debate.
  4. Bank executives said the underlying business is in reasonably good shape.
  5. Derivatives are transactions whose value is based on an underlying asset.
  6. It's difficult to find underlying in a sentence.
  7. But analysts said the overall gain in January masked underlying strength.
  8. And one of the underlying questions behind all of them is:
  9. And even some environmentalists acknowledge problems underlying the electric car remedy.
  10. The investment performance of an annuity depends on its underlying holdings.
  11. What we were relying on was the underlying growth of soccer.
  12. Basically the underlying picture is that the economy is quite weak.
  13. The central bank uses the underlying measure in setting monetary policy.
  14. The problem may be correctable when the underlying cause is treated.
  15. The underlying trend remains weak in both eastern and western markets,
  16. But an underlying seriousness grates uncomfortably against the currents of hilarity.
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