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  1. Single-block-length compression functions output the same number of bits as processed by the underlying block cipher.
  2. Glass forms protrude from the background surface, whimsically frolicking with and redefining underlying blocks of color and lead scribbles.
  3. CTR _ DRBG appears secure and indistinguishable from a true random source when AES is used as the underlying block cipher and 112 bits are taken from this pseudorandom number generator.
  4. Implementing FPE with security provably related to that of the underlying block cipher was first undertaken in a paper by cryptographers John Black and Phillip Rogaway, which described three ways to do this.
  5. Erosion can remove part of the overlying block, creating a " fenster " ( or " window " ) when the underlying block is only exposed in a relatively small area.
  6. It's difficult to find underlying block in a sentence.
  7. Some of the perceived problems with fragmentation of FAT file systems also result from performance limitations of the underlying block device drivers, which becomes more visible the lesser memory is available for sector buffering and track blocking / deblocking:
  8. Bases for such a concern could include information whose disclosure would identify anonymous users, could jeopardize a user's physical or mental well-being, or where the underlying block reason would be defamatory if the block proved to be unjustified.
  9. :See the udev and tmpfs articles for the first two; they're filesystems created by the kernel, which don't correspond to an underlying block storage device .-- Talk 22 : 55, 24 October 2012 ( UTC)
  10. When the underlying block cipher is a strong pseudorandom permutation ( PRP ) then on the sector level the scheme is a tweakable PRP . One problem is that in order to decrypt \ scriptstyle P _ 0 one must sequentially pass over all the data twice.
  11. When AES is used as the underlying block cipher and 128 bits are taken from each instantiation, the required security level is delivered with the caveat that a 128-bit cipher's output in counter mode can be distinguished from a true random number generator.
  12. Just providing a little context, I just remember seeing the CoM thread, but I didn't read it, and I have absolutely no opinion on the underlying blocks of either CoM or AKN .-- talk ) 01 : 00, 1 July 2009 ( UTC)
  13. This could include situations where discussion would reveal or emphasize information whose disclosure could jeopardize an editor's physical or mental well-being, where on-wiki discussion would identify anonymous editors, or where the underlying block reason would be defamatory if the block proved to be unjustified.
  14. When AES is used as the underlying block cipher and more than 128 bits are taken from this pseudorandom number generator, then the resulting security level is limited by the block size instead of the key size and therefore the actual security level is much less than the security level implied by the key size.
  15. The usage of a simple deterministic input function used to be controversial; critics argued that " deliberately exposing a cryptosystem to a known systematic input represents an unnecessary risk . " However, today CTR mode is widely accepted and any problems are considered a weakness of the underlying block cipher, which is expected to be secure regardless of systemic bias in its input.
  16. A notable property of the Davies Meyer construction is that even if the underlying block cipher is totally secure, it is possible to compute fixed points for the construction : for any m, one can find a value of h such that E _ m ( h ) \ oplus h = h : one just has to set h = E _ m ^ {-1 } ( 0 ).

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