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  1. The underlying bedrock is Jurassic basalt, dated at 186.3 ?1.2 Ma.
  2. The magazine was built on scree breccia, with an underlying bedrock of limestone.
  3. In fact, however, it has been proven to be founded directly on the underlying bedrock.
  4. The venue is a former movie theater, so builders carved out more room from the underlying bedrock.
  5. The underlying bedrock of granite, schist and gneiss was scoured by glaciers about 26, 000 years ago.
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  7. Kratie where the river develops alluvial channels that are free of control exerted by the underlying bedrock.
  8. Scientists have known since the past century that sedimentary soil amplifies shock waves from the underlying bedrock during earthquakes.
  9. The mantle material obscures the underlying bedrock except in areas with steep slopes, such as along the caldera's upper walls.
  10. The underlying bedrock of the Forest of Birse is granite, from which most of the soil in the area is derived.
  11. Much of the Hoosic and Housatonic River Valleys have underlying bedrock limestone and marble which contribute to calcareous wetlands unique in Massachusetts.
  12. These traverse the soil to the underlying bedrock and float on roller bearings able to withstand a Richter scale magnitude 10 earthquake.
  13. In addition, Quaternary period gravel deeply covers the underlying bedrock in two areas in the northeast and southwest borders of the district.
  14. A later model has part of the north-thrusting sheet forming a wedge between the sedimentary formations of the Seattle Basin and the underlying bedrock.
  15. It does create a kind of underlying bedrock of trust and understanding that works to grease the wheels later in the year when flashpoints arise.
  16. Tree roots bind soil together, and if the soil is sufficiently shallow they act to keep the soil in place by also binding with underlying bedrock.
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