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  1. Slumping, cracking, or plume erosion facilitates the intrusion of underlying asthenosphere.
  2. Tectonic plates are able to move because the Earth's lithosphere has greater strength than the underlying asthenosphere.
  3. Throughout the rheological boundary, the geotherm gradually transitions from the conductive nature of the lithospheric geotherm to the convective ( adiabatic ) nature of the underlying asthenosphere.
  4. Finally, narrow slabs can sink and roll back more rapidly than broad plates, because it is easier for underlying asthenosphere to flow around the edges of the sinking plate.
  5. The greater density of old lithosphere relative to the underlying asthenosphere allows it to sink into the deep mantle at subduction zones, providing most of the driving force for plate movement.
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  7. The trend of a seamount chain traces the direction of motion of the lithospheric plate over a more or less fixed heat source in the underlying asthenosphere part of the Earth's mantle.
  8. When the new crust forms at mid-ocean ridges, this oceanic lithosphere is initially less dense than the underlying asthenosphere, but it becomes denser with age as it conductively cools and thickens.
  9. The boundary between the lithosphere and the underlying asthenosphere is known as the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere boundary and is defined by a difference in response to stress : the lithosphere remains rigid for very long periods of geologic time in which it deforms elastically and through brittle failure, while the asthenosphere deforms viscously and accommodates strain through plastic deformation.

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