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  1. The rating agency would then rate the underlying assets held by the SPV.
  2. -Because of the cash settlement, there is really no underlying asset to exchange.
  3. Derivatives are investments based on the value of an underlying asset.
  4. Derivatives are transactions whose value is based on an underlying asset.
  5. NatWest's Gallagher said Westinghouse's shares are undervalued given the underlying assets.
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  7. Derivatives are financial contracts linked to underlying assets such as stocks, bonds or currencies.
  8. Many of these funds, however, now trade at discounts to their underlying asset values.
  9. Derivatives are contracts with terms that are derived from some underlying asset or index.
  10. Futures allow investors to purchase a contract on an underlying asset for future delivery.
  11. Settlement is executed in cash and there is no delivery of the underlying asset.
  12. Their prices vary with the underlying assets but tend to be far more volatile.
  13. Higher rates can also weaken a currency by reducing the appeal of underlying assets.
  14. Derivatives " derive " their value from an underlying asset.
  15. There may also be a special class which absorbs early repayments in the underlying assets.
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