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  1. The low crude oil inventories underly our vulnerability to any supply disruption,
  2. However, the facts that underly them are not copyrighted.
  3. The gralloc hardware abstraction layer ( HAL ) is used to allocate the buffers that underly " surfaces ".
  4. Threads of populism may underly the Court's refusal to accept Kodak's economic theory on its face.
  5. It is that many of the assumptions that seemed to underly the whole industry are crumbling, along with the stock prices.
  6. It's difficult to find underly in a sentence.
  7. Some genetics seem to underly the problem as this was shown using Induced pluripotent stem cell ( iPSC ) as neural progenitor cells ( NPC)
  8. However given the complexity of the mechanisms that underly these potentially fatal outcomes of acute stimulant toxicity, it is impossible to determine what dose may be lethal.
  9. The Temple of Hiphop, he said, can help by sharing its " life-affirming principles that underly the culture and conscience of hip-hop ."
  10. In the course of it, the user can expect to become more familiar with HTML code operations, which underly all Web pages, than with most lower-end programs.
  11. It would be interesting to know what interest some editors have in these subject, to inspire this degree of dedication; knowing might allay some of the suspicions which underly the issues.
  12. Living accessibility seems to have substituted " because it is there " for a more searching answer to the why that must underly any biography and determine its approach, voice and dimension.
  13. I put in a fair bit of effort on Wikipedia, and I do my best to be fair, open to criticism, and to explain my actions and the thoughts which underly them.
  14. U . K . Chancellor of the Exchequer Kenneth Clarke added his support for the stability pact, saying it reflects the principles of sound fiscal management that underly his policies for the U . K.
  15. The NPOV of such an article seems very dubious; consider that in many cases it touches specifically on creationist " arguments ", not just on the misunderstandings that underly many of them.
  16. In order to have a concept you have to have both a word for it and understand the more basic ideas which underly it . talk ) 03 : 13, 2 December 2014 ( UTC)
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