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  1. The ring fit into a corresponding cut in the barrel underlug.
  2. All known examples included the traditional short underlug / ejector shroud.
  3. The 5 " barreled variant had a full length underlug.
  4. The 629 Classic variant features a full-length barrel underlug, other variants include the 629 Stealth Hunter.
  5. It was equipped with a 5-inch ( 127 mm ) barrel with a full-length underlug.
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  7. These included major modification and simplification of the internal lockwork and the addition of a locking underlug on the barrel to engage the previously free-standing ejector rod.
  8. The S & W Model 625 Mountain Gun is a lightweight version of the 625, with a shortened underlug and tapered barrel, and " Mountain Gun " etched on one side of the barrel.

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