underloaded in a sentence

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  1. Such tubes may develop excessive gas content if underloaded for long periods of time.
  2. The adaptive partition scheduler is still strictly priority-preemptive when the system is underloaded.
  3. The ammunition used in the Khyber Pass region is often underloaded, being made from a variety of powders or even old film ( which contains nitrocellulose, a key component of smokeless powder ); Khyber Pass Copy rifles cannot be expected to withstand the pressures generated by modern commercial ammunition.
  4. To be able to respond to changing freight demand quickly ( i . e . more cargo that can fit on an aircraft ), or to prevent cargo from being stranded on aircraft grounded with mechanical problems, FedEx Express tends to keep a number of " empty " or underloaded aircraft ( usually five ) in the air during the overnight to " sweep " the USA.
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