underlit in a sentence

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  1. There we were, in this big old drafty underlit building.
  2. And worse, it was all caught on really bad, underlit color film.
  3. Many echoed his complaint about the underlit cinematography.
  4. Many scenes are grainy and underlit, bringing a documentary feel to much of it.
  5. A long underlit marble table that stretches through the center of the room encourages mingling.
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  7. The dance floor is wooden, not underlit by flashing red, yellow, blue lights.
  8. He lives downtown in a cozy underlit book and image-strewn grad student's apartment.
  9. Each of the eight or nine rooms underlit, perpetually dim, even on the sunniest of days.
  10. The video is fairly no-frills, with few visual surprises other than oddly angled shots and the dark, underlit feel of a nightclub.
  11. Flash pictures, as I mentioned, had a tendency to be underlit, and most all the photos I took had a washed-out look.
  12. Peugeot, with its tropical setting, waterfalls, fountains, hardwood flooring and turquoise underlit walkways, offers a rare touch of flamboyance on the main floor.
  13. "The Funeral " swims in pungent period atmosphere _ underlit browns and yellows, sexual squalor as vivid as any since " Ironweed ."
  14. Meanwhile, Chase is plotting school pranks, shunning the popular crowd and hanging with the pierced, tattooed and politically conscious at an over-amped, underlit nightclub.
  15. The brisk, headlong style _ Kapur's camera constantly skulked through underlit, dank castle corridors _ was exciting to watch, but that style lacked any modulation or thoughtfulness.
  16. She made the 900 underlit glass cobblestones which were installed in early 2005 along the edge of Dublin's River Liffey; many of these cobblestones contain bronze or silver fish.
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