underlinings in a sentence

"underlinings" in Chinese  
  1. The past week has yet again underlined the frustrations and dangers.
  2. Underline it a couple of times with broad, black strokes.
  3. Bishop recalls seeing Doe underlining passages in grade-school books.
  4. "It's like underlining the word ."
  5. But the lack of diva melodrama underlines Mary's reserve.
  6. It's difficult to find underlinings in a sentence.
  7. The word " your " was underlined three times.
  8. I was reading the book over and over and underlining it.
  9. That would raise their borrowing costs and underline their deepening problems.
  10. Those stories are fictitious and irresponsible and you can underline that,
  11. Elements of modern idiomatic language underline the contemporaneousness of the issues.
  12. It was left to the lieutenant governor to underline the message.
  13. Mickie Krzyzewski underlined the passages she thought pertained to her husband.
  14. I want to underline that we did not bomb the bus,
  15. Sunday's bombings underlined the predicament of the Russian troops.
  16. All the standard economic indicators underline Haiti's limited options.
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