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  1. There was space under the suit for plenty of woollen underclothes.
  2. I had on boxers and a T-shirt with no underclothes on.
  3. That means no long sleeves, no thermal underclothes.
  4. Hillary and Tenzing had heavy woolen underclothes and trousers stuffed with feather down.
  5. When caving in wet caves neoprene wetsuits provide superior insulation to fleece underclothes.
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  7. Initially, Willumsen's photographs were of women in bathing suits or underclothes.
  8. When you get dressed for outside activity, put on an extra layer of underclothes.
  9. The latter was usually worn without underclothes.
  10. But sometimes they may put on underclothes over a shirt or put shoes on before the pants.
  11. After being strapped into borrowed underclothes, the men parade around like Shriners at a lingerie sale.
  12. The main products are in the category of underclothes, shoes, purses, glasses and perfume.
  13. In Shanghai, few people could afford the luxury of pajamas until recently, generally sleeping in underclothes.
  14. If I wore those underclothes, people would start handing me calcium pills and making me eat yogurt.
  15. The sea green Christian Dior girdle was among numerous intimate objects and underclothes sold by two private collectors.
  16. He has been mocked for donning a sarong, and Posh says he likes to wear her skimpy underclothes.
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