underclocked in a sentence

  1. Consequently, the G4 was often supplied underclocked to run at 800 MHz.
  2. It also shipped with the 1.2 GHz underclocked processor as the Canadian variants.
  3. The earliest Eee PC models used a 900 MHz Intel Celeron M processor underclocked to 630 MHz.
  4. Maybe if you really underclocked the emulation hardware, making it seem that 10, 000 years is a second?
  5. On my computer ( an athlonXP 2000 + underclocked at 1, 5 GHz ), converting a 90 Mb dump of cur lasts about 100 seconds.
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  7. In the mid 1980s the Series 39 Level 30 was supplemented by a Level 20 variant which was a forcibly underclocked Level 30 ( using wire links on a daughterboard ).
  8. This system-on-a-chip is composed of an ARM Cortex-A8 CPU core underclocked to 600 MHz ( from 833 MHz ), integrated with a PowerVR SGX 535 GPU.
  9. Many Intel qualification samples have maximum clock multiplier locked : these CPUs may be underclocked ( run at lower frequency ), but they cannot be overclocked by increasing clock multiplier higher than intended by CPU design.
  10. "' Ultra-low-voltage processors "'are a class of microprocessor that are deliberately underclocked to use less power ( typically at or under 17W ) at the expense of performance.
  11. The Intel Z170 chipset can be configured to implement either this bus or a variant of the LPC bus that is missing its ISA-style DMA capability and is underclocked to 24 MHz instead of the standard 33 MHz.

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