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  1. The reaction mechanism of the Ullmann reaction is extensively studied.
  2. The classical Ullmann reaction is limited to electron deficient aryl halides and requires harsh reaction conditions.
  3. The biphenyl / biaryl substructure of polyphenols, here as prepared by synthetic chemists using the copper-mediated Ullmann reaction.
  4. Reductive coupling is a coupling reaction of aryl halides with a stoichiometric equivalent of copper metal that occurs in the Ullmann reaction.
  5. She also researched and wrote a paper on using copper as a catalyst as a preparation of a phenyl derivative of thiosalicylic acid, a process known as the Ullmann reaction.
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  7. They named after themselves the following reactions : the Ullmann reaction, the Ullmann condensation, the Graebe-Ullmann synthesis, the Goldberg reaction and the illustrious Jordan-Ullmann-Goldberg synthesis.
  8. "' Copper ( I )-thiophene-2-carboxylate "'or "'CuTC "'is a thiophene and a reagent in organic chemistry that especially promotes the Ullmann reaction between aryl halides.

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