uh la la la in a sentence

  1. The artwork is nearly identical to the American single release of " Uh La La La ".
  2. In addition to ten single, four album tracks were included'Claro De Luna'from Uh La La La.
  3. "Uh la la la " was covered by the pop music LOL ", and was released as their debut single.
  4. In 1999, the Japanese version was released on the Sony Epic label with both " The Party " and " Uh La La La " on the cover.
  5. All the three singles were released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and one ( " Uh La La La " ) in France, Italy, Hungary and Japan.
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  7. After Alexia's success in the UK with the Almighty remix of " Uh La La La ", a full set of remixes were commissioned for the UK market.
  8. Precious Paul ( " Gimme Love " ) and Metro ( " The Music I Like " ) with them leading the album after the Almighty Edit of " Uh La La La ".
  9. A set of remixes were commissioned for the UK market, with the Metro Club Edit being placed on the UK version of " Uh La La La ", with the Almighty mix having a soundalike sample from Stardust's " Music Sounds Better With You " which was the big dance hit of summer 1998.
  10. ""'The Party " "'is the second studio album by Italian singer Uh La La La " as a bonus track for territories which had seen the release of " Fan Club ", and the lead track for the UK and Australia where the song had been released in its remixed version.

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