udn in a sentence

  1. By 1954, Vargas faced opposition from the UDN and the military.
  2. With the support of the UDN, BNA won the mayoral post in Zinder.
  3. As soon as 1962, UDN began to conspire with military officers to topple him.
  4. Then he joined ( UDN ) Union Democratica Nacionalista and PAR ( Partido Accion Renovadora ).
  5. A National Democratic Union ( Uni鉶 Democr醫ica Nacional-UDN ), an anti-Communist party.
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  7. With the support of the four BNA councillors, the UDN was able to claim the mayoralty.
  8. Nunes was narrowly elected Governor of Par?as a candidate for National Democratic Union ( UDN ).
  9. The UDN party also had ex-lieutenant Juraci Magalh鉫s, who was almost presidential candidate in 1960.
  10. The UDN attracted interest from the steadfastly anti-Sandinista National Guardsmen who had served the Somoza regime.
  11. The FDN's executive committee in Miami also included many who had been involved in the UDN.
  12. As UDN became increasingly a Brazilian Labor Party ( PTB ) and the Brazilian Communist Party ( PCB ).
  13. UDN has published The New York Times International Weekly on Mondays since 2004 ( changed to Tuesdays later on ).
  14. The UDN, which wanted to do a more moderate and centrist image launched the candidacy of Christian Democratic Party.
  15. As of January 2007, UDN has been renamed SpiekermannPartners, and as of January 2009 it has been renamed Edenspiekermann.
  16. The breakaway UDN-FARN, under Fernando " El Negro " Chamorro, remained a small force throughout the war.
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