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  1. In 1870 80, Uddevalla began to attract new industries.
  2. They play their home matches at the Kamratg錼den in Uddevalla.
  3. In January 1658, the fortress at Uddevalla also fell.
  4. He was born in Uddevalla, Sweden, but grew up in Fredrikstad.
  5. This despite the lack of wild game in the increasingly urbanized Uddevalla outskirts.
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  7. Afterwards, the Swedish troops started their march south towards Uddevalla from Str鰉stad.
  8. Now a water tunnel between V鋘ersborg and Uddevalla is considered as a rescue solution.
  9. The lighthouse was transported to the town of Uddevalla, and later to Gothenburg.
  10. Arvidsson trained as a nurse and later worked as a nursing assistant at Uddevalla Hospital.
  11. In July 1891, the Association organized its first large rally on Skansberget in central Uddevalla.
  12. Uddevalla police refused to release the man's name pending notification of his next of kin.
  13. In the 18th and 19th century, Uddevalla's main source of income was herring fishing.
  14. A temporarily raised reserve regiment of eight companies was used against Norway in the Battle of Uddevalla.
  15. Born in Uddevalla on the Swedish west coast, Linn閍 Hillberg made her stage debut in 1913.
  16. She was born on 13 August 1921 in Uddevalla, Sweden and died on 12 October 2016.
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