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  1. Imitators include Udderly Smooth Udder Cream and Udder Balm.
  2. The verdict : As romantic comedies with bovine analogies go, this one is udderly
  3. Udderly disgusting . talk ) 11 : 03, 24 December 2008 ( UTC)
  4. This time it's Udderly Smooth, an udder cream from a company called Redex.
  5. The whole thing seems udderly ridiculous.
  6. It's difficult to find udderly in a sentence.
  7. Pure ambrosia, udderly superb in its natural state before the pasteurizers and bottlers take over.
  8. Udderly Smooth Hand and Body Lotion : Nothing special here, save the cute cow packaging.
  9. Picking her way through her corral on dainty hooves, her miniature nostrils flaring from her stub of a pink muzzle, Autumn Joy is udderly adorable.
  10. While that is being worked out, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has come utterly unglued . ( Did you notice I didn't write " udderly "?
  11. Meanwhile, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, hearing of the ads, came utterly unglued . ( Did you notice I didn't write " udderly "?
  12. The cream also apparently works well even if you don't have an udder; our colleague says quilters of her acquaintance swear by Udderly Smooth because it's utterly ungreasy.
  13. Among the non-Valentine's products are the Udderly Cool Kow Pottee, the $ 6.99 bucket / bowl that resembles the titular bovine gland, and the Fondle Me Bubba Doll.
  14. _How many tickets did the Houston Grand Opera sell after mailing out a promotional brochure featuring photographs of cattle with headlines like " It's udderly fantastic entertainment ! " and " Great opera.
  15. Ordinarily, an animated movie about talking, singing cows, which contains the tag line " Bust a moo, " might be udderly ( sorry, couldn't help it ) cringe-inducing.
  16. Buy " Les Miserables " on cassette or purchase some " Udderly Unique " hand cream that's made from the same stuff that keeps cow udders soft . It comes in a spotted package of black and white.
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