udderbelly in a sentence

  1. In 2006, these venues were joined by the E4 UdderBELLY and the Cow Barn.
  2. In July 2009, he appeared at the Udderbelly during its residency at South Bank in London.
  3. It contains the Udderbelly Festival for 15 weeks in the summer, as well as the London Eye.
  4. Since 2006, E4 has sponsored the E4 UdderBELLY venue ( part of Underbelly ) at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Brighton Festival.
  5. She has performed at gigs and festivals such as The Big Chill, udderBELLY and the " London Word Festival ".
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  7. In June 2013 Stone performed her full-length show at London's Southbank Centre, as part of the Udderbelly Festival.
  8. Gilbert has gigged extensively throughout the UK, including sets at the 2007 Green Man Festival, 2008 Brighton Loop, and 2009 Southbank Udderbelly.
  9. After a season of previews on the South Bank, " Pop Centre Plus " was presented at the Udderbelly during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2011.
  10. Pearl helped develop the notable improvised family show, The Wobbly World of Opera, which was performed at the South Bank Centre, the Udderbelly Festival and at the Theatre Royal in Bath.
  11. The Udderbelly can be used for a variety of different purposes as it can be adapted to contain a stage and all-seater 405 seat venue, or alternatively can be completely empty inside.
  12. In December 2011 Wilfredo recorded the Christmas Day edition of " The Comedy Club Interviews " for BBC Radio 4 Extra . 2011 also saw an appearance on E4 Udderbelly at the Southbank Centre.
  13. A reduced cast version of the show renamed " Beardyman's Unplanned Explosion " went on to appear at the Udderbelly at the Edinburgh Festival in late August 2009, and again at Bristol Old Vic in October 2009.
  14. It was previewed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and the New Zealand International Comedy Festival in Auckland and Wellington, both in April / May 2016, then at the Udderbelly Festival in June 2016 and finally at The Tringe Festival in Tring in July.
  15. Fringe venues come in all shapes and sizes, with use being made of nearly any viable space that is available, from regular theatres ( e . g . the Traverse or Bedlam Theatre ), function rooms ( e . g . the Quaker Meeting House, Paradise in Augustines ), lecture theatres ( George Square Theatre ), conference centres, other university rooms and spaces, bars and pubs, temporary structures ( The Famous Spiegeltent and the Udderbelly ), schools, a public toilet, the back of a taxi, a double-decker bus and even in the audience's own homes.

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