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  1. Bulls, as you likely know, are udder-free.
  2. Milk cows wander the roads in pain from udders near bursting.
  3. No doubt these two shared its udders strictly among themselves ".
  4. All cows have udders ( well, one udder each ).
  5. All cows have udders ( well, one udder each ).
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  7. Udder as well as scrotum in males split into two halves.
  8. It presents a regular udder development with fine and smooth skin.
  9. Sometimes he would drink milk right from the udder, like this.
  10. He fused that egg cell with one of the adult udder cells.
  11. The logic seemed irresistible : the udder as factory outlet.
  12. The scientists used cells from a sheep's udder.
  13. It resembles a group of cow udders or oddly shaped sausage casings.
  14. In some species, these form an udder in the groin region.
  15. Products exist to soothe the chapped skin of the udder.
  16. Bovine mammillitis is characterized by lesions restricted to the teats and udder.
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