udder cream in a sentence

  1. Imitators include Udderly Smooth Udder Cream and Udder Balm.
  2. "Udder cream ? " I asked Dwain.
  3. This time it's Udderly Smooth, an udder cream from a company called Redex.
  4. They were on their bikes about 14 hours; each burned about 13, 000 calories ( or 60 Payday candy bars ); each consumed about 480 ounces of water; and each used udder cream to avoid chafing.
  5. The key differences between us : My bike is the same $ 100 Schwinn I got for my birthday in 1971; I've never ridden it farther than 12 miles at one time; and the closest I've ever come to a jar of udder cream is to pass a dairy farm on the highway.
  6. It's difficult to find udder cream in a sentence.
  7. My total haul from all this : Aside from all the aforementioned, my freebie bag is stuffed with a coupon for a free round of twilight golf at a local course, another PGA cap, a couple of foam visors and free samples of a pain-relief wrap, pretzels, granola bars, soy protein, first-aid ointment, chewable antacids, moisture lotion and something called Udderly Smooth udder cream, which I'm sure I'll have to go to the company Web site to make sure on where it's supposed to be applied.

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