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  1. The addition of Hughes and Uddenberg will give QFC annual revenues of about $ 2 billion.
  2. Quality Foods said both the Hughes and Uddenberg store purchases would add to its earnings per share.
  3. Last week, the company said it would buy 25 stores from Keith Uddenberg Inc . in the western and southern Puget Sound region of Washington.
  4. Not including its plan to buy 25 Puget Sound supermarkets from Keith Uddenberg Inc . for $ 65 million, Quality Food operates 64 stores with more than 4, 400 employees.
  5. Adding the Uddenberg stores will give it 24 percent of the market, pulling it even with Safeway Inc . and giving it twice the share of Albertson's Inc . and Fred Meyer Inc ., according to Metro Market Studies.
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  7. Quality Food, which operates 64 stores, is in the process of buying the 56-store Hughes Family Markets in Southern California for $ 360 million and 25 Seattle-area stores from Keith Uddenberg Inc . for another $ 65 million.

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