ubiome in a sentence

  1. In 2015 uBiome received Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments ( CLIA ) certification from the State of California.
  2. 8VC's portfolio companies include Asana, uBiome, LoadDocs, Honor, Showroom, Plated, Rested, Flexport, and Common.
  3. UBiome has been compared with Theranos and 23andme, each of which are also biotechnology companies influenced by Silicon Valley and each of which sparked widespread interest and controversy.
  4. In 2015 uBiome offered a grant program under which is would give grantees $ 100, 000 worth of kits and provide the data, which it also had the right to keep and include in its database.
  5. "' uBiome "'is a biotechnology company based in San Francisco that gives individuals and organizations access to sequencing technology to sequence their microbiomes, particularly gut flora, with a sampling kit and website.
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