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  1. At the end of Campeonato Apertura, Herrera was a joint-top scorer Sebasti醤 Ubilla.
  2. Chilean deputy Interior Minister Rodrigo Ubilla appointed Carmen Cardinali as Governor of Easter Island in early September 2010 to replace Edmunds.
  3. After repairs and some additional delay Ubilla's fleet departed from Havana on July 24 to head for Cadiz in Spain.
  4. She also shared roles with actors Ignacio Garmendia, Denise Rosenthal, Augusto Schuster, Mar韆 Gracia Omegna, Samir Ubilla, Magdalena M黮ler and Felipe 羖varez.
  5. "' Sebasti醤 Andr閟 Ubilla Camb髇 "'( born August 9, 1990 in Quilpu? Chile ) is a Chilean footballer currently playing for forward.
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  7. "The Maya Riviera is all sold out, and the only thing left is this tiny patch, " said Gea Ubilla, the eco-lodge owner.
  8. "We thought what a beautiful place, peaceful and healthy, " said Gea Ubilla, owner of an eight-room lodge a few hundred yards down the beach from Gustafson-Lira's bungalow.
  9. "' Andr閟 de Ubilla, O . P . "'( 1540  May 1603 ) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Michoac醤 ( 1603 ) and Bishop of Chiapas ( 1592 1603 ).
  10. Margarita Leon, a Cancun lawyer who represents Ubilla and her husband in their fight to keep their lodge, said court documents show that the stretch of beach now occupied by Gustafson-Lira and her neighbors was valued by estimators to be worth $ 39 million in 2000 and $ 159 million last year.
  11. In 1957, the club became the first national champions in football with a " dream team " that included Derek Haack, Cipriano Yu Lee, Jos?Vicente Balseca, Cruz 羦ila, Mariano Larraz, Carlos Alberto Raffo, Jaime Ubilla, Daniel Pinto, R髆ulo G髆ez and Su醨ez-Rizzo; they were coached by Eduardo " Tano " Spandre.
  12. More than half of the fleet's 2000 men including Ubilla and Echeverez died in the storm and some of the survivors later died of starvation, injuries and disease . " Urca de Lima " fared better than the other Spanish ships, as she managed to steer into a river inlet near Fort Pierce, where she grounded on a sandbank but with the hull remaining intact.

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