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  1. Ubik is set to be made into a film by Michel Gondry.
  2. Each chapter is introduced by a commercial advertising Ubik as a different product serving a specific use.
  3. Rosco has issued the solo album " Ubik " under his assumed name Sterling Roswell.
  4. Ubik is claimed to have been developed by her and several other half-lifers as a defense against Jory.
  5. The album's cover parodies the cover of a repress of the book Ubik by Philip K . Dick.
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  7. Stewart Roswell ( alias Sterling Roswell ) released a solo album, " The Psychedelic Ubik ", in 2004.
  8. 1981 " Music From The Old Timey Hotel ", The Delta Sisters, Rooster 111 LP; Ubik UB24 CD
  9. In 2004 he issued the solo album " the Psychedelic Ubik " under his own name on Mint / Jungle records.
  10. It was reprinted by UbIK ( now Edge Entertainment ), the French editor for " Fading Suns ", in 2004.
  11. "Ubik " ( 1969 ) employs extensive psychic telepath and a suspended state after death in creating a state of eroding reality.
  12. The last chapter is introduced by Ubik claiming that it has created and directed the universe, and that its real name is unknown and unspoken.
  13. Low res scan of book cover ( Ubik by Philip K . Dick, 1969 Doubleday first edition hardcover ) for use in illustrating article about book.
  14. Like AIP Records  which released the later albums in the Pebbles series  Ubik Records is one of the record labels that was started by Bomp!
  15. He deduces that they may have all died in the blast, now linked together in half-life, and unsuccessfully tries to get hold of Ubik.
  16. The film features Dubai-based artists Shaqayeq Arabi, Vivek Premachandran ( UBIK ) and Hazem Mahdi, with commentary from art historian Marcelo Lima and others.
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