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  1. Accepting these, Ubieto Arteta places Gonzalo's assassination in 1046.
  2. Professor Ubieto Arteta showed that there is some historical evidence of Cu閘lar in the 10th century.
  3. Antonio Ubieto Arteta and Jos?Mar韆 Lacarra, however, date Ramiro Garc閟's death rather to 991.
  4. The medievalist Agust韓 Ubieto Arteta maintains that Gutierre was a Alfonso VI ( 1065 1109 ), which is chronologically impossible.
  5. Ubieto Arteta elsewhere places the Battle of Piedra Pisada in 1084, the unsuccessful culmination of Sancho's campaign into Zaragozan territory.
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  7. Even the ones by aragonese historians and heraldist Fat醩, Redondo, Montaner and Ubieto, which you called ultranationalists or " ultras "?
  8. The year 1084 was accepted by Ram髇 Men閚dez Pidal, but Antonio Ubieto Arteta suggested 1088, the year under which the " Cr髇ica " refers to Sancho seeking out the Cid and defeating him.
  9. The date of the " Historia Roderici ", however is confirmed by the " Chronica Naierensis " and has the support of Ram髇 Men閚dez Pidal, Antonio Ubieto Arteta, R . A . Fletcher, and B . F . Reilly.
  10. :* says that Ubieto ( famous aragonese historians and heraldist, with catedras or assistant to catedras, several books and awards ) are " ultras ", interested, partial, fanatized, amoral, the sames of always, aragonese nationalists, without a minimum of prestige, and ultranationalists.
  11. Even though a purely Aragonese origin for the " four bars " symbol has been proposed, the main point held by Aragonese authors ( Fat醩, Ubieto, Montaner ), partially supported by some Catalan historians like Ferran de Segarra, is that the key evidence for the Catalan origin, the Marseilles seals, is dubious.

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