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  1. Luis Gonz醠ez de Ubieta refused to be rescued and went down with his ship.
  2. Francisco Zamora Ubieta is one of the world's leading specialists on dengue fever and other tropical diseases.
  3. Ubieta-Moody softens the corners on risers and uses low-voltage lighting between steps to eliminate hazards.
  4. Luis Gonz醠ez de Ubieta lived in exile in France until the 1940 invasion of France by Nazi Germany, when he moved to Mexico.
  5. Ubieta-Moody chose occasional chairs from a local furniture store for the front row of her own theater and two sofas for the back.
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  7. On the same day, forces of the Spanish Republican Navy, led by Admiral Luis Gonz醠ez de Ubieta and consisting of two light cruisers ( the new Cartagena.
  8. Since most high officers of the Spanish Republican Navy had joined the rebellion, Luis Gonz醠ez de Ubieta rose rapidly both in rank and authority within the loyalist fleet.
  9. Ubieta-Moody disguised speaker grilles in the wall behind Johnson's drop-down screen by painting them to match the golden-toned fabric that covers the padded walls.
  10. Sartorius said to the Republican commander, Luis Gonz醠ez Ubieta, that the Nationalist forces would occupy the island on 8 February, but the Republican officers and supporters would abandon the island.
  11. Currently he also works as commentator in WLVJ-1020 AM in Miami ( Actualidad 1020 ) with the Venezuela-born journalist Lourdes Ubieta Monday to Friday from 12 : 00 to 3 : 00 p . m.
  12. Under Luis Gonz醠ez de Ubieta's command, the Republican Navy concentrated on the protection of maritime convoys supplying the internationally isolated Spanish Republic, as well as the training of naval officers and their ships'crews.
  13. Under Luis Gonz醠ez de Ubieta's command the Republican Navy concentrated in the protection of maritime convoys that were supplying the internationally isolated Spanish Republic, as well as in the training of naval officers and their ships'crews.
  14. Dr . Zamora Ubieta, the dean of internal medicine at the Miguel Enriquez Faculty of Medical Science in Havana, has also been closely monitoring the recent outbreaks of dengue fever in Venezuela, Mexico and other parts of Latin America.
  15. "That's the difference between a home theater and a movie theater _ it's your home, " emphasizes Begoa Ubieta-Moody of Cinema Moods, a company in San Antonio that designs residential media spaces.
  16. "' Carlos Alvarez Vasquez Rodriguez Ubieta "'( born April 1, 1950 ) is an American former college football player who was a consensus All-American wide receiver for the Florida Gators football team of the University of Florida from 1969 to 1971.
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