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  1. The Halaf culture was succeeded in northern Mesopotamia by the Ubaid culture.
  2. The Ubaid culture flourished from 5500 BCE.
  3. Ubaid culture originated in the south, but still has clear connections to earlier cultures in the region of middle Iraq.
  4. Spreading from Eridu the Ubaid culture extended from the Middle of the Tigris and Euphrates to the shores of the Persian Gulf, and then spread down past Bahrain to the copper deposits at Oman.
  5. Other finds included about 150 clay sealings ( bullae ) and a rich assemblage of imported exotic items including artifacts of basalt and obsidian, beads, sea shells, Nilotic shell, and a few pottery sherds of the Ubaid culture of north Syria.
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  7. In the following period, Uruk V, about 100 m east of the Stone-Cone Temple the Limestone Temple was built on a 2 m high rammed-earth podium over a pre-existing Ubaid temple, which like the Stone-Cone Temple represents a continuation of Ubaid culture.

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