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  1. My son was the type who would bring every child home.
  2. Or are you the racy type and is performance your desire?
  3. Bars, restaurants and clubs of various types are not covered.
  4. You can make it reappear by typing ATTRIB-H IFSTOLEN.
  5. Moreover, this type of law will not stave off immigration.
  6. It's difficult to find type in a sentence.
  7. Of those patients, only 6 percent have Type O virus.
  8. A lot of times when you start doing these type programs,
  9. He could become the next Palmer-Nicklaus type dominant player.
  10. And many consider soba a type of tonic for the body.
  11. It was back before the headlines could be set in type.
  12. Unlike fingerprinting, DNA typing is not capable of perfect identification.
  13. They'll scan a menu and type in their orders.
  14. "There isn't any fatalistic type of thinking.
  15. Betty Kaiser, the administrator here, types what Mae writes.
  16. Hernandez, he said, has the same type of arm.
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