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  1. "It's very much pioneering-type technology, " said Hubble program manager Preston Burch.
  2. During the Second World War, trailer-type technology was applied to emergency housing.
  3. Paste up was preceded by hot type and cold type technologies.
  4. HWN is not alone in introducing home wireless-type technology.
  5. "It doesn't confirm or deny any Echelon-type technology ."
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  7. They aren't exactly Star Wars-type technology anymore.
  8. Evo has lately developed an enthusiasm for all types technology, embracing the Battle Machines used in Antropolis City.
  9. Until now, researchers looking into gallstone formation had to rely a video-type technology with a relatively low resolution.
  10. "' Pi Sheng "'( 990 1051 AD ) was the Chinese inventor of the world's first movable type technology.
  11. This cold-type technology could also be used in office environments where hot-metal machines ( the Mergenthaler Monotype ) could not.
  12. Perhaps that signal gets you ~ 1 kbit / s using Arecibo-type technology, and then you can really start to do interesting things.
  13. "' Hoefler Text "'is an old-style serif font by Jonathan Hoefler and released by Apple Computer in 1991 to showcase advanced type technologies.
  14. When Compugraphic machines and their counterparts came to market, it represented a dramatic leap forward in speed and cost-efficiency and quickly made hot type technology obsolete.
  15. Linimo is owned and operated by and is the first commercial maglev in Japan to use the High Speed Surface Transport ( HSST ) type technology.
  16. Typing technologies are targeted towards a small number of loci across many samples, and involve the use of techniques such as PCR, restriction enzymes, and mass spectrometry.
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