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  1. Apter and Farley are more optimistic about the potential of Type T's.
  2. Farley formulated the concept of the Type T ( thrill-seeking ) personality.
  3. The Audi Type T ( Zwickau ) was the second and smaller of these.
  4. The MakeAtLeast ( ) method allows operation on arrays, with elements of generic type T.
  5. After the crash of No . 51 none of the Type Ts were flown again.
  6. It's difficult to find type t in a sentence.
  7. The notation E : t can be read as " expression E has type t ".
  8. He theorizes that Type T personalities require an increased level of stimulation to maintain their energy levels.
  9. The "'Audi Type T "'was a large, 6-cylinder-powered sedan / saloon car introduced by Audi in 1931.
  10. (Story illustration : For a chart of AT & T's stock price, type T US Equity GP D.
  11. An allocator for objects of type T can be constructed from an allocator for objects of type U.
  12. Conversely, given an element of type T, the field names can be used to select the named component.
  13. (Story illustration : For a chart of AT & AMP; T's stock price, type T US Equity GP D.
  14. An element of type T can be composed from its constituent parts by a constructor, written mk _ T.
  15. The March 1918 manual describes the Bomb, Model 1916, Type T, weight, explosive, length 1.02 m ( 40 in ).
  16. It then instantiates a version of the function where the parameterizing type T is int, making the equivalent of the following function:
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