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  1. I wanted to try to cast against type as much as possible.
  2. A few programs support the " S " type as data files.
  3. Mother and baby had Type O blood; the father is Type A.
  4. Shenzhen has not found any cases of the type A bird flu.
  5. The class goal was to learn how to type a business letter.
  6. It's difficult to find type a in a sentence.
  7. And pair him with Redford, playing against type as the sniveling warden.
  8. showed that every factor has one of 3 types as described below.
  9. Dick had the same blood type as Allum and became her donor.
  10. These are Type A personalities who do not need much prompting anyway.
  11. I had to remember to add that I was also Type A.
  12. It displays popup suggestions sometimes when I am typing a word.
  13. She typed a resignation letter and handed it to her supervisor.
  14. For one thing, I can type a lot faster than before.
  15. Malcolm McDowell plays truer to type as a menacing underworld figure.
  16. Also the water tower was the same type as at Flikkeid.
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